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Professor, Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Media Studies at Hult International Business school and San Francisco State University mentoring more than 500 students to date.
Founder-Equally- Silicon Valley-based venture-backed startup works on AR and AI, redefining remote learning.
Advisory Board-Nasdaq-Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.
Secret Sauce- Behind every great player is a great coach & that's the role Arjita plays. Arjita uses her experience in Silicon Valley, Academics & entrepreneurship to create & coach the 'perfect playbook'. Having coached more than a 100 startups till date, her passion lies in creating a community of innovators that pay it forward.


He is the Chair of GEN Asia, the world's leading voice of emerging startups, stakeholders, policymakers on the world's largest global platform for entrepreneurs powering large events and research networks including Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Startup Nations Summit, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, and research network. He is also the Founder of Coworkin, India's first & most in-depth startup community-focused coworking chain. Yatin is a Grassroots Champion - From being a serial entrepreneur to a farmer who has actively built ecosystems at the fringe of development, he is passionate about bringing ideas from across the spectrum to life. If you can 'imagine' a business goal, Yatin can help you enable it. His deep-rooted understanding of the ecosystem on the ground, exposure to private + public stakeholders has helped him enable more than 1200 startups to date.



Founder-Jajabor Brand Consultancy. Using the power of PR & Communication to scale business, worked with 500+ startups, VC's, Unicorns, Policy think tanks, world's largest tech companies.
Global Shaper- World Economic Forum- working to enable local communities through upskilling, innovation & partnerships.
Advisory- Civil Cops- One of the largest civic-tech companies, incubated by SOSV Mox
Secret Sauce- Her expertise lies in unleashing the power of branding & communication to move businesses to the next level. Coaching founders, startups, think tanks to engage with consumers, raise funds, launch products, or solve any business challenge. Upasna helps startups create, sustain & leverage brand equity with proven successful models.



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