India's first and largest borderless incubator.

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Helping you create a sustainable venture

Indiarath- derived from the powerful symbol of the 'Indian chariot'. Just like the chariot, it was created to move startups forward in a powerful way.

The approach behind this program is to unleash a network of global mentorship, access to a valuable network, expert coaching & much more. 

Indiarath is founded by a trio of entrepreneurs with an experience of personally working with over 5000+ startups, 100+ VCs ,15+ govt bodies, 10+ think tanks across Silicon Valley, India & Rest of the World. We founded this incubator to enable talented and impact-driven entrepreneurs from across the spectrum to become a part of a  worldwide diverse community, mentorship, market access & tools to create the next generation of scalable, impact driven businesses.


Our applications are currently open for Indiarath S2020 cohort. Submit your application now.

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